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Mark "The Loveman" Pender

Mark "The Loveman" Pender plays the trumpet. He was a member of Conan O'Brien's band on Late Night, The Tonight Show, and Conan. He also led the appropriately named Mark Pender Band. Mr. Pender first entered the realm of They Might Be Giants playing trumpet on Doctor Worm.

Pender recorded with TMBG and appeared in live shows as part of TMBG's Other Thing and the Velcro Horns. He played trumpet on Stalk Of Wheat and various songs from Here Come The ABCs and Here Come The 123s. Pender appeared with TMBG at three live shows in 2012, and in many of the 2019 shows in Australia as well as the shows from August 2022 onwards during the 2022 Flood tour.

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