Mosh Momken Abadon

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song name Mosh Momken Abadon
artist They Might Be Giants
releases They Might Be Giants Vs. McSweeney's (as "Mosh Momken Abadan"), TMBG Unlimited - May (as "Mosh Momken Abadan"), They Got Lost, TMBG Clock Radio
year 2001
run time 2:53
sung by Note.svg Instrumental


  • From, "Another JL instrumental, only this is actually a cover of an Egyptian pop song."
  • They Might Be Giants mistakenly credited the song to composer Riad Al Sunbati, but the song was written by a different Egyptian composer, Baligh Hamdi. TMBG did credit the song's original lyricist, Ma'moun El Shinnawi, despite not using his lyrics for their instrumental.
  • Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum popularized the song with her performance of it in the 1970s.
  • The Arabic title, "مش ممكن أبدا", translates to "Impossible". The song has also been published by the alternate titles "انساك" ("Forget You") and "أنساك يا سلام" ("Forget You? Oh My!"). Read a translation of its original lyrics.
  • In They Might Be Giants Vs. McSweeney's, this song accompanies "Barry Blitt's Vacation Postcards" by Barry Blitt.

Song Themes

Language, Problems With Liner Notes, TMBG Remakes


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