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Muckafurgason was a band consisting of Chris Anderson, John Lee, and Andrew Ure. They toured with They Might Be Giants in 2001 to promote their independent, self-titled album, which was produced entirely by John Flansburgh. Songs of theirs have been included on Podcast 24A and Podcast 53.

Band members[edit]

"John Lee Supertaster" was written about Muckafurgason's John Lee, who actually is a supertaster. Chris Anderson now belongs to The Last Car, which also includes Robin Goldwasser. He has individually collaborated with TMBG on a number of occasions.

Andrew Ure and Chris Anderson formed an indie kid's band called The Quiet Ones. To avoid a naming conflict with another band, they changed their name to The Quiet Two.[1] In 2005, they released their debut album, Make Some Noise, on their own label, Not Big Records.[2]