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Now Hear This was a radio show created and hosted by John Flansburgh. The first episode aired on April 2, 2004, though it is no longer airing. Through the program, Flansburgh provided relevant musical criticism of today's popular music, in addition to offering up what he thought to be some of the best music made in the 20th century. The show aired on New York Public Radio WNYC. Its theme song was "I Hear A New World", featuring Robin Goldwasser.

Flansburgh spun some of his favorite tracks, and some of those of his celebrity guests in a segment called "Guilty Pleasure/Hidden Treasure". Flans would also interview musicians and host live performances. The show's second airing featured guest David Byrne of Talking Heads, with whom John Linnell had collaborated.

In 2020, Flansburgh started a new radio show, Low Stakes on WJFF, featuring more music instead of interviews.


  • John Flansburgh - Creator and host
  • Stacy Abramson - Executive producer
  • Kerry Donahue - Senior producer
  • Jocelyn Gonzales - Producer
  • Michael Raphael - Associate producer
  • Ed Haber - Engineer
  • Alyson Levy, Todd Barry, and Andy Gensler - Additional help

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