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People Are Wrong! poster
The cast of People Are Wrong!

People Are Wrong! is a musical, the production of which included John Flansburgh and many other TMBG collaborators. From

Bringing together some of the finest talents from the rock world and New York theater, People Are Wrong! is a manic and joyful celebration of melody and musical fable. Based on a true story, this cautionary tale of a charismatic cult leader masquerading as a landscape artist in a rural upstate town is told entirely in song. The show stars David Driver (Rent), Grammy-winner John Flansburgh (of They Might Be Giants), Maggie Moore (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and Chris Anderson (of Muckafurgason). People are Wrong! also introduces the song-writing talents of Julia Greenberg and Robin Goldwasser to the musical stage. Backed up by the Loser's Lounge band and the inspired vocal group STC (Sean Altman, Tricia Scotti & Connie Petruk), this is the first original production to come out of this highly creative team. The Losers Band for this performance is Joe McGinty (musical director, keyboards), Jeremy Chatzky (musical director, bass), Clem Waldmann (drums), Kris Woolsey (guitar), and Jon Spurney (guitar).


In an interview on, John Flansburgh said People Are Wrong! was originally conceived as a concept album much in the vein of Jesus Christ Superstar, with the couple in the play based on him and Robin. While Flans was very involved with the concept early on, he assumed a more minor role as it evolved. Robin Goldwasser and Julia Greenberg continued the concept development and writing on their own, with some input from Flansburgh. When the music was adapted into a stage production, Goldwasser and Greenberg reached out to John and John for help with booking, as well as taking part in performances. Flansburgh took the role of Russ, a homeowner, and John Linnell provided his saxophone and accordion talents.

Interestingly, while People Are Wrong! was a more traditional production, it was not John Flansburgh's first time as an actor. In the 80s he was in a performance art group called Watchface.

Musical numbers[edit]

A promotional CD was available for purchase, which included recordings of many of the songs featured in the production. Typically, when the musical was performed live, the songs followed this order:

Sample People Are Wrong! playbill