Peter Stampfel

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Peter Stampfel

Peter Stampfel is a singer from Wisconsin. He is a founding member of The Holy Modal Rounders, a pioneering freak-folk band that started as a duo with Steve Weber in the early 1960s. He and Weber were also briefly members of The Fugs.

Stampfel sang both "Fingertips (Banjo)" and "Fingertips (Whispered)" on Apollo 18. He spoke about his involvement in the "Fingertips" song suite in a 2021 interview on Episode 37 of the Don't Let's Start podcast.

In 1994, he released a CD on Flansburgh's Hello CD Of The Month Club. In 2009, Stampfel opened for a few TMBG shows. He also covered the TMBG song "Women & Men" for his 2021 album, Peter Stampfel's 20th Century In 100 Songs.

Stampfel also collects bottle caps, with a collection well into the thousands. He has lent a few to John Flansburgh, who keeps them on his desk[1].

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