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Songs referencing politics.

Central theme[edit]

Briefly mentioned[edit]

  • Brooklyn - "He's borough president..."
  • Clap Your Hands (Live Almanac) - "Stand up for the national anthem!" and "The next president of the United States - On the drums - Mr. Marty Beller!"
  • He's Loco - "I vote for Eisenhower in every election", "If more people had guns, we would all be safer"
  • It Was A Very Good Year - Maggie Thatcher & the Trilateral Commission
  • My Evil Twin - "Who cut the arm off the voodoo doll / That resembles a Republican president from long ago"
  • Negative Ad - "Who can stop They Might Be Giants and their liberal rock agenda?"
  • Social Media - "Opinions" and "views"
  • Sold My Mind To The Kremlin - "Reagan closed the hospital for the mentally ill..."
  • Vestibule - "Senator Arlen Specter is waiting outside in the car..."
  • Walk On Water - "No government / No CIA / Can slow me down or get in my way"
  • Your Racist Friend - "I know politics bore you..."

Honorable mention[edit]

  • The Else and I Like Fun - While not overtly political, the Johns have confirmed that their views (and frustrations) surrounding the events in US politics at the time of the albums' development subconsciously shaped the albums' tone and subject matter.
  • Future Soundtrack For America

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