Puppet Jam: Bad Jokes

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Music video for "Puppet Jam: Bad Jokes"
Bad Jokes

song name Bad Jokes
artist They Might Be Giants feat. Homestar Runner
releases Unreleased
year 2004
run time 1:14
sung by Matt Chapman as Homestar Runner


  • This song features a puppet version of Homestar Runner, performed by Matt Chapman.
  • Apart from Linnell and Flansburgh, this recording features Marty Beller on drums, and lead vocals from Homeslice.
  • A much longer cut of this song is included on Homestar Runner's "Everything Else, Vol. 1" DVD.
  • This improvisation seems to be based around the song "Bad Jokes" by English comedian Lenny Henry.

Song Themes

Animals, Children, Forgetting And Remembering, Games, Hands, Non-John Vocals, Puppet Jam Recordings, Religion, Supernatural


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