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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Tickets were $2.

The poster for this show was reproduced in a TMBG newsletter with the following text: "This is the poster for our third show. It was our return engagement with Dr. B's, where we debuted as They Might Be Giants. It is now a wine bar."

In a 2013 Tumblr post containing the poster, John Flansburgh said:

An early poster from one of our shows at Dr. B’s in SoHo. Before the East Village scene blew up with hot spots like the Pyramid [Club], 8BC, Limbo Lounge and Darinka, there were just a few odd showcase clubs available to us. Dr. B’s, RT Firefly and others I have blocked from my memory were the only places we could get gigs. Small, but friendly crowds, but very much an anonymous, who knows? kinda vibe.

Flansburgh elaborated in another 2013 Tumblr post: "This might have been a poster for our third show as They Might Be Giants–a return visit to Dr. B’s in Soho. Dr. B’s was a showcase club–not much beyond a pay-to-play bar, but it was pleasant enough. It is amazing we made posters, but back then we made posters for every show."

A promotional flyer created by the Johns in 1983, seen momentarily in the 2003 documentary Gigantic (A Tale Of Two Johns), confirms that this was the band's third appearance as They Might Be Giants (after the Feb. 13 show at Dr. B's and the Feb. 20 show at R.T. Firefly).