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True West
— with Screen Test, End to End, and They Might Be Giants opening —
CBGB in New York, NY
December 6, 1983

Fan Recaps and Comments:

John Linnell performed this show with his right hand in a cast, as he had broken his wrist a few weeks earlier.[1] Around the same time, all of Flansburgh's equipment (including his guitar) had been stolen and it isn't clear what gear he would've used at the show.

This show was on a Tuesday night, so it likely would've been an audition showcase-type gig. Flansburgh explained in a 2018 interview:

CBGB was very much the official gatekeeper of the New York rock scene at that time. It seems so surprisingly democratic, but there was so much demand for bands to play there that they set up this very clear structure for bands to march through to get to a weekend gig. There'd be an audition night, and if you passed that, they'd give you a Monday or Tuesday show, and if you brought in a lot of people, you'd get up to a Thursday or Friday or Saturday show. It took the better part of a year to get from audition night to a Thursday night, and if you didn’t keep on playing, you’d get pushed back.