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They Might Be Giants
8BC in New York, NY
September 27, 1985 at 11:00 PM

Fan Recaps and Comments:

This show was billed as a "New Music Seminar" showcase in the September 28th, 1985 issue of Cash Box.

In an interview with Billboard in 2012, John Flansburgh talked about the show and an injury that happened during the making of the show's poster:

One of the posters I believe is a show we did that was part of either the New Music Seminar or the CMJ — they sort of morphed from one to the other — but it was some sort of showcase at the height of the East Village scene at this place called 8BC, which was strategically located on 8th St. between Avenues B and C–which is a very good place to get mugged.

I was putting the poster together at work and doing paste-ups. We worked with razor blades — this is pre-computer printing — and I actually cut one of my finger tips off with an exacto knife. But we had the show two days later, or a day later, and it was so important that we do this show, that I actually got liquid skin — it’s basically like pouring crazy glue in an open wound — and then I hammered a thimble flat and then duct taped it to my finger so I had like a mini-slide on the end of my finger tip. And we just played the show that way.