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They Might Be Giants wearing their masks backstage at the venue. (Photos by Chris Buck)

Fan Recaps and Comments:

This was at Larry's Hideaway, a divey place on Carlton Street, between Jarvis and Sherbourne. In one of the Diamond shows in 1990, Flansburgh referred scathingly to their experience at Larry's.

After the band's opening set, they were interviewed by a group of people from the Things That People Carry series, one of them being Chris Buck. They interviewed the band about their masks, with the Giants sharing joke replies. They eventually talked about John Cale, and John Flansburgh mentioned he lent a wonky yellow guitar cable to John Cale for his performance at the venue. The interview has been transcribed at /Interviews.

A review of the show from Zev Asher
Rear Garde, March 1986:

Straight to Larry's Hideaway and the rudest, most obnoxious audience since, since... Since the last time I was in Toronto (Johnny Thunders at the Starwood). The opening band, They Must Be Giants, seemed like they could have been interesting. They certainly sounded interesting. Travelling around Larry's from pillar to irritating pillar, they even looked interesting. Unfortunately, I couldn't see enough of them to keep me interested.
They Must Be Giants are John Flansburgh on electric guitar and John Linnell on accordion. They make fun music. Harmless. They have a theatrical approach and a witty sense of humor. This act has to be seen and not just heard.