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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This show was a part of the Kitchen's "8BC Nights", a four-evening event dedicated to 8BC, reuniting its owners and various members of crew, staff and artists for the event. Tickets were $4 for members and $6 for non-members. Performances began at 9pm.

According to Iris Rose, member of performance art group Watchface, the group became friends with They Might Be Giants after sharing a bill with Watchface members Chazz Dean and Joshua Fried. Watchface would begin opening for the band at Darinka and other venues in the spring, with John Flansburgh performing for the group in their performance piece, "Nancy/Marty/Masterpiece Theatre".

From the Kitchen's 8BC Nights press release, 1986:

From February 12 to 15, The Kitchen will defy the laws of gravity (and the City of New York) by bringing former East Village club owners, Cornelius Conby and Dennis Gattra and friends uptown. 8BC NIGHTS celebrates the unconventional and spectacular cabaret that was "8BC" from October 1983 to October 1985 when New York City zoning regulations closed it down. Famous for its ambitious production rate, its enormous, raised proscenium stage, and its flamboyant staff, 8BC was dedicated to presenting the work of emerging artists to a demanding downtown audience. The Kitchen is pleased to reunite crew, staff and some of 8BC's favorite artists and audience for four evenings of performances, music, video and film.

Preview of the show from the Daily News, Feb. 13, 1986:

THE KITCHEN: 512 W. 19th St. 11 p.m. The 8 B.C. crew regenerate (this Saturday) with all those acts you loved at the old 8th St. club. There's bands: They Might Be Giants, His Master's Voice; the Alien Comic as emcee; Carlo McCormick as deejay; Karen Finley does her stuff, and on and on!

Preview of other 8BC Nights shows from the New York Times, Feb. 14, 1986:

The East Village club called 8BC closed last fall, but its cast, crew and favorite artists will stage a reunion this weekend when the Kitchen offers 8BC Nights. Tonight's program starts at 9 with The Spear of Destiny, a vernacular rendition of the history of the Roman spear that is said to have pierced Jesus' side.
Next on the bill is Karen Finley, a performance artist in a series of urban monologues starting at 11. His Master's Voice, a band featuring Keiko Bonk as lead singer, comes on at midnight. Tomorrow night, The Spear of Destiny will be seen at 9, with Ellen Fischer, a dancer and performance artist, on at 11 and a band called Live Skull at midnight. Tickets are $6; the Kitchen is at 512 West 19th Street. Information: 255-5793.