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They Might Be Giants manager Jamie Kitman wrote about this show in a report for the February 1988 issue of Automobile Magazine, detailing a gathering the band was invited to after the show had ended:

Back in the Voyager the next morning, we were off to Columbia, Missouri, for a Saturday night show at the Blue Note. From pure pop ("Rhythm Section Want Ad," the story of the Giants' decision to use a drum machine instead of a live drummer) to crunching rock ("[She Was A] Hotel Detective") and whimsy ("Hope I Get Old Before I Die"), the Giants' set never grew tired for me. Touring did.

After the show, we were invited to yet another gathering of bohemian college kids. We couldn't put a finger on it as we stood on the porch of a ramshackle crash pad, enjoying the cool night air, but the young people we were talking to seemed oddly cryptic. Then a guy came running up to the house. He was red-faced and wild-eyed. "It's terrible," he shrieked, "man, it's so messed up. The streets are filled with people fighting, and they're all on fire." We looked at this guy and then we looked at his friends. They had gotten up and walked toward him. Now they were roughly two microns away from his face. They said nothing. Then it came to us.

"Are you guys tripping?" we asked, but we already knew the answer. Just as we'd been told, acid had returned to the campuses. "Yikes," Linnell said, and we bracked ourselves for a rough evening of another order. The following morning we sat in a booth at Ernie's, a Columbia coffee shop whose fine cups of steaming hot java and "chopped cow" sandwiches had given it a national reputation. Noting out sullen looks, Krauss showed us a headline on the front page of USA Today. "LSD Makes Resurgence among College Students," it read.

"Maybe they were at that party last night," he speculated.