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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Early show. Tickets were $7.

Preview of the show from the Daily Hampshire Gazette, May. 21, 1987:

They Might Be Giants. Or they might not. But they definitely are coming to play at the Iron Horse tonight, and if you want to hear how they sound before you shell out a few bucks for a ticket, call the Horse and ask for the They Might Be Giants dial-a-song telephone number.
No kidding. The taped message on the Might Be's answering machine is one or another of this duo's most recent songs. John Flansburgh plays guitar and sings; John Linnell plays accordion and banjo and sings too. They're funny, as their song titles suggest: "Youth Culture Killed My Dog," "Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes," "Alienation's for the Rich." But some of their lyrics are more serious than the casual listener may realize. 7 p.m.