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Preview of the show from Le Matin, Nov. 21, 1987:

Two Americans with a sense of derision called themselves They Might Be Giants and found a new and clever way to spread their versatile and quad British pop: an answering machine called Dial-a-Song (718-387-6962) which provides the latest compositions by John Linnell and John Flansburgh, the pair of They Might Be Giants. They sometimes play the accordion, and one of their songs is called Youth Culture Killed My Dog, an anthology piece from a certain counterculture. Two musicians who confess some 300 compositions, an evening perhaps full of surprises.
They Might Be Giants, tonight at the Locomotive at 11 p.m., 90, Clichy bus, 75018. Blanche metro. Tel. : (1)42-57-37-37

Linnell reflected on this show in an Instagram post in 2024:

Our tour manager Maggie had driven us in this clunky white van from London onto the ferry at Dover and across to Paris. As we crossed the street to our hotel, a man passed us who was urinating as he walked. When he saw us looking at him he said "Voila! C'est bon!" The first gig was at the Moulin Rouge, which seemed weirdly on the nose, as if we’d been booked at the Eiffel Tower.