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They Might Be Giants
— with Swing opening —
Boardwalk in Manchester, UK
December 11, 1987

Fan Recaps and Comments:

Preview of the show from the Manchester Evening News, Dec. 8, 1987:

THE BOARDWALK in Little Peter Street have a goodie this Friday. New York's John Linnell and John Flansburgh bring their much praised set under the title of They Might Be Giants.

Their self titled album is a sharp, witty collection of nineteen songs.

The two Johns told me from Germany: "For an outfit like us, life can be hard. People want it 'production' style. We just love doing different things. We write with flexibility. Like anyone, we have out influences, but hip-hop gave us interesting rhythms." While they spurn the pop production people, equally they dislike the over-intellectual approach. "It's difficult for us to make clear we are singing songs and they don't need analysis. Sometimes we get taken as far too ironic."