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A party held by the watch brand Swatch. From an article in PR Newswire:

A wild night -- for sure -- when Swatch invites dazzling New Yorkers to create their own Swatch Watches. Then, the hottest, newest, weirdest band, winner of the New York Music Award for Best Rock Group -- They Might Be Giants -- will perform its hit single "Don't Let's Start".


WHO: Swatch Watch U.S.A.

WHAT: -- New Swatch watches for fall '88
-- Great entertainment
-- Major fun

WHERE: 450 West 31st Street, 11th floor (between 9th and 10th Avenues)

WHEN: Monday, May 9
6 p.m. Make your own Swatch -- party starts
7:15 p.m. Hot video presentation

7:45 p.m. They Might Be Giants performs