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They Might Be Giants
WFMU in New York, NY
June 13, 1993 at 12:00 PM

Fan Recaps and Comments:

This was a special "Backyard Barbecue" broadcast of Nick Hill's WFMU show The Music Faucet. The show featured performances by many collaborators and friends of They Might Be Giants, including Brian Dewan, Laura Cantrell and Amy Rigby. TMBG made a short appearance, playing three new songs as a duo. It was broadcast from 18 Havemeyer Street in Williamsburg, the apartment building that Hill shared with John Linnell (and the former location of the club Quiet Life). Frank O'Toole engineered the broadcast.

These are the earliest known performances of Drinkin' and Meet James Ensor. Linnell mentions that Drinkin' was written just a week earlier. This performance of it was released on TMBG Unlimited - November. Linnell's description from TMBG Unlimited:

In the summer of 1993 WFMU DJ Nick Hill decided to broadcast his usual "Music Faucet" program live from his own apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. By a pleasant coincidence, about half of the guests on his show were also living upstairs from him or somewhere nearby. Nick and most of the performers were out on Nick's deck, but microphones were also run up into Brian Dewan's studio and also into the bathroom Brian shared with Mr. Linnell, which is where John and John performed this instrumental. John F. played guitar next to the sink, and John L. played bass saxophone within the reverberant bathtub.

Laura Cantrell and Robin Goldwasser's performance of Lee Harvey Was A Friend Of Mine was included on Cantrell's 1996 Hello Recording Club EP. Cantrell described the show in the EP's liner notes:

One mild June evening, Nick Hill decided to do a remote broadcast of his Music Faucet show from his back porch on Havemeyer Street. The Giants, Brian Dewan, Katell Keineg, Amy Rigby, Lonesome Bob and the Blue Jays all played songs standing on the porch a few feet away from the sizzling barbecue. I brought a kale salad and "Lee Harvey Was A Friend of Mine," which Robin and I just learned from an old Homer Henderson 45.