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Review by caitlin:
This was my first and long logn awaited tmbg show so bare with me here people.....I dont know where to start. Whilst they experimented with many new songs from their last ("not last....ever, but last..previous. Don't worry") album Severe Tire Damage and threw in several from Factory Show Room and Apollo 18, "Ana Ng" and "Birdhouse" came in good time, don't you worry. (in completely random order and from what i can remember: Statue, Guitar, Spy, Istanbul, Older, Polk, EDG, Thunderbird i do believe, ana, Birdhouse, Through with lies, cyclops, and what have you....) I must say the music only came a close second to the Puppet Show. I won't give it away, but "exquisite Dead Guy" live is the funniest damn thing I've ever seen. There was also the 'somebody took my eye' song which I may be an idiot and not know of it's existence but, god it was funny. "Somebody took my eye,Somebody took my eye,Somebody took my eye,Somebody took my eye, it was the only eye I had! Somebody took my eye, Somebody took my eye, Somebody took my eye, Somebody took my eye, I have NO EYE!" Oh, and at some point during the set, Flansburgh fucked up the show, and as we all know, that entitles us to the song "Sorry I fucked up the Show." Ok, here are some anecdotes (i am in a hurry so this isnt as articulate as some may expect) John Linnell (the MAN) went down in the Rhode Island area after school i hear, making him quite the expert on local geography, or mainly, Haven's Brothers Diner, a place where once you order your food you will get a menacing finger pointed at you as the words "Now You're All Set!" come flying. And as we were informed by John Linnell (the plethera of information) the infamous Baby Fingers, a meal you can order at the Haven's Brothers, do not exist! "and I asked for Baby Fingers. People, there is no such thing as Baby Fingers the guy looked at me like I was a Freak!" Though it was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time, I won't go to far into detail, but I shall leave you with of the last songs of the evening, an impromptu version of "Baby Fingers" (yes I know it isnt a song people, get with the program, SPY!). Among the deepest lyrics were "Can I have Baby Fingers, Please?" "Now Youre all Set!"