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The performance from this concert of "Why Does The Sun Shine?" (with tour manager Brendan Hoffman as fire-eater) appears as a bonus video on the Direct From Brooklyn DVD.

review by "just another john"

I'll fill in a few details that I remember. This is the tightest TMBG I've seen. The band keeps getting better and better each time I see them. Some of my highlights from the evening include watching the kid that won the glock get to play Shoehorn with Teeth (he couldn't have been more than 12), all the Linnell comments (he talked more this show than the past 2 shows I've been to combined), and quite possibly the first TMBG performance of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" from Spin the Dial. I really believe that Flans was telling the truth when he said this was one of his favorite places to play. Several jokes were made about last year's power outage.

Now for part two, the not-so-good things about the show. This is the closest I have been to the stage (about 3 rows back), and once OKGO leaves the stage these three guys from Ohio State keep trying to pogo their way in front of me. Once they did get in front of me, they kept chanting "80's shredder." What is that? At the same time this old woman and her husband are trying to use the sheer bulk of their size (which was quite substantial) to push their way to the front. Then, these high school guys decide its a good time to mosh which results in two guys nearly getting in a real fight. Luckily, this scared people into ceasing to mosh. I don't know if this is always the way it is in the front, but I don't think its worth being that close if you have to worry about getting elbowed in the face every couple seconds. Anyway, enough of the bad. Did I forget to mention the firebreather in Why Does the Sun Shine?

Afterwards, Flans came out and I talked to him a little about the TMBG fakebook project I'm starting. I gave him a sample page from it and he seemed interested and told me he was going to talk to Linnell about it. He also told me to send an email to He said that Linnell would get it. Has anyone here actually gotten a response from either John? Anyway, it was a great show.