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Even though my car left several hours before the second in our group, the second car beat us by quite a good margin, and because of it, got to see TMBG's sound check where they played
I Palindrome I
Yeh Yeh
Clap Your Hands
Once my car got there, we all met up at the Hard Rock Cafe. Guess who else decided to have dinner there? The band was seated (including both Johns) there mid dinner. We of course didn't bother them during their meal (however, I think Linnell might have noticed me looking across the room once). Last year in Nashville we met Flans out on the streets while shopping downtown, so continues the streak of seeing the band outside of the concert setting...
As we enter the park area where the show is being held, we see a black man get into a bit of a scuffle with the security, eventually leading to the security guard threatening the man, the man running away and being chased, eventually being arrested. What lead to this confrontation is unknown, but as to who this man was would be answered later...
We missed all but the very end of the first band (the Early Evening). The second band was a reggae group, Seed 'n' Soil. This group dedicated almost all of their songs to Jude Rude, a member who "couldn't be with them tonight" and "was arrested for no reason." I'm pretty sure this was the man from above...Typical reggae, but I don't really see the need for them to sing a song the repeats the phrase "smoke up your weed" dozens of times to an audience that includes a good number of children for the "No!" tour...
The third band was Atticus Fault, who came out, played a song, and then left the stage as it was decided that it was unsafe for any bands to play as the dark clouds had turned into pretty heavy thunderstorms. Everyone was told to come back in 25 minutes and the show would start back up. Most people left to seek shelter, but there were a good number of us who stayed out in the rain.
25 minutes later, Atticus Fault resumes their set, but it's been made much abbreviated as the festivities must end at about 10:30. They get through 3 songs and they're done. The rain continues throughout the set and all while TMBG's road crew sets up. The rain is at its heaviest right before the band takes the stage. And then, during the first song, the rain stops and never comes back. So, here's the set list with some comments and quotes...
Clap Your Hands (the clapping sounded good and everyone jumped, but you couldn't hear anyone stomping...)
New York City (probably the best version I've ever heard of this one...)
4 of 2 (F: "Right now They Might Be Giants is celebrating the number 1 children's album. It's not so much a kid's album as it is a psychadelic kid's album. And right now I have the urge to swear on stage." L: "This next song is about a clock that stopped in 1968, which is when things we're psychadelic...")
Cyclops Rock
I Palindrome I
She's Actual Size (w/ Dial a Drum)
Violin (F: "How about that rain?!" L: "I have to confess. Earlier, I was up there [the top of the hell that the park is situated on] and I totally wiped out. Some guys saw me and said "are y'all all right?" so i just want to say, yes, I'm fine! Now stop looking at me!")
The Guitar
Boss of Me
John Lee Supertaster
Birdhouse in Your Soul
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
James K Polk (F: "I think this is the most musicians we've ever performed in front of..." Also, no confetti cannon...)
Short set, no encore, no Flans autographs, probably because of the delays that the rain caused. Good show, though, the band sound very tight, and I'll excuse the lines that both Johns messed up (in 4 of 2 and Cyclops Rock...), blame it on being the first real show of the tour :)