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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Jason:
Notes: Both this and the Boston show featured Marty "Bang Bang" Beller on drums and special effects. Someone standing a row or two behind me asked Flans if he could have the set list. Flans declined saying it was his only copy at the moment (which I presume means They plan to recycle it at one or more future in-stores, which in turn means that if They can get through the whole thing, some of you attending will get to hear Mr. Me!) Flans claimed that Why Does the Sun Shine? was off their new album that just came out this week. "All the Ford line is a gas on the sun." They did the estrogen thing for the nuclear reactions. At the start of Particle Man, Linnell said, "This is by George's called Faith." Interesting coincidence, seeing as I just saw Ben Folds do a cover of Careless Whisper two days prior, but I digress. At the Boston show the previous night, they noted that they should change "my" to "me" in Cyclops Rock to get the full British effect. They followed through with that plan. After Stalk of Wheat, Linnell said that that was the fastest they ever played it and speculated that they could play it even faster. He checked to see if Marty was up for it and they did just that. Flans threatened to play it a third time even faster and said, "Now how free is this show? Not free enough!" Luckily, that didn't happen.

Review by Skye Sciolto:
While setting up, Flans was singing 'give me 40 acres and I'll turn this rig around', and Linnell was calling Providence 'onewaytastic', which it definitely is...
WDTSS: things that are a total gas include Patchouli scent, Patchouli oil, tie dye, Ford Tempos, Ford Escalade-oops, that's a Cadillac-etc. Nuclear reactions are between estrogen, estrogen, estrogen, and more estrogen. Particle Man: "this song is by George Michael-Faith." After the song, they said it would be a good gift... for your friend... who likes George Michael
Cyclops Rock: "how many kids dressed up as Peter Noone? aw, now you have an idea for next year!" Sang whole thing with British accents, Linnell said they came up with the idea last night to say "me" instead of "my", so it was really funny. After the song he said that the song had found its niche and would be played that way from now on.
Bed Bed Bed: good version, not creepy
Stalk of Wheat: "this is the fastest we have ever done that-think we can go faster?" did it a second time and then said "Now how free is this show? Evidently not free enough!"
Robot Parade: kids' version
Impossible: Linnell sings Goldie's part
Violin: with wave, Flans doubted it could be done
Mr. Me was written at the end of the setlist, but they ran out of time apparently. 'Moose' was written at the top... maybe that had to do with Stalk of Wheat? They said that if you had a flash camera, they wanted to see the flash going off continually, and if you had a videocamera they wanted that red light to stay lit.. if you had a cell phone or pager they wanted it turned on with the volume all the way up. Flans had to 'tune in public' so had Linnell say something about the upcoming shows... he couldn't remember where the VA show was going to be, just knew it started with an A. I may have this backwards, but he thought it was Arlington and Flans thought it was Alexandria. They said that Linnell would be playing at Arlington, Flans and the drummer in Alexandria, and the tour manager would be fired that night. The place was packed.