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Dan Miller wrote:

End of the Tour - finally that song rings true. This is the last show for TMBG for quite a bit. Rumor has a Lincoln Center show in March, but that's way away. This took quite a bit of time to get up on the site for reasons to numerous and boring to mention. Good show at a good venue. I'm writing this note in November and to be honest, I can't remember anything about the gig. I do remember that we all retired to a local tavern for a celebratory goodbye-for-now cocktail - after that it gets a bit hazy. Mr. Mike Meyers came backstage to say hello and got into the battle of the Scottish accents with Mr. Speiser. I have to say that Brian held his own against the acknowledged expert in the field.
When I listen to the shows for a sample perhaps my memory will be refreshed and this will be updated.
Hey, A quick plug for the guys over at Back Office Music (the folks who are helping us deliver all this download stuff.). Total pros with a great approach to this whole Megillah Download Issue. Thanks Adam and Earl.