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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This show included the first live performances of "Never Knew Love", "Can't Keep Johnny Down", "Judy Is Your Viet Nam", and "You Probably Get That A Lot".

Wireless mike:

Amazing show. Good energy from Flans, jumping around a lot. New songs sounded great! A good mix of new and old songs and with well played and under played songs.

Adam SL:

The sound in Koko wasn't great (too quiet, lacking depth), the banter was often drowned out by people pointlessly yelling requests (or "Both my eyes are in the same socket!" according the Johns), and the vocals occasionally superseded by the singing from the crowd. But that's not to take away from a professional-as-ever show by the band, great song selection and a good vibe. Interestingly, over the ten years I've been attending TMBG shows, this is the first time I haven't learnt why the sun shines, or what happens in New York City.

Jenny SG:

Amazing show, Really enjoyed the opening band, which is something that doesn't happen often, did a really great version of wuthering heights. It seems to me that the further back you were the better the sound was. I didn't have an problems hearing the banter or singing, and I was roughly where the balcony comes out, but I have seen videos of people who were right at the front, and I can tell the difference.
Again, all the band were in great form, was great to see the Avatars of They messing up. Amazing to hear the new songs live, and was incredibly excited to hear Ana Ng played.There is also something in watching grown men jump up and down to the alphabet of nations, singing like they're at a football match which is incredibly joy inducing. Hope they come back to the UK soon, and for a few more dates!

Mr Tuck:

In the 20 plus years since I first saw the Giants this was the most busy gig that I've ever been too. Absolutely filled to capacity. A good set list too. I could have done without Clap Your Hands and Drink (but thank God no guitar or Spy). It was a great night. I just wish they'd play more songs and leave out the chat and duff covers. It was a massive thrill to finally hear puppet head for the first time though!

Dr Raygun:

This was the first time I'd seen TMBG live since 1992 and was blown away. We snuck in just as the support finished and found seats with a table in the balcony which mightily pleased the old man. Awesome set and the material from Join Us was just brilliant, possibly even better than Shepherd's Bush Empire (2013) in my opinion.


Another great TMBG show, but we missed the first 1/4 as it started at like 6.30 pm which is stupidly early for a show where i live. We were right at the top of the theatre and had a great view right down on the band.