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Encore 2:

On the setlist but not played:

They Might Be Giants
— with Miniature Tigers opening —
Terminal 5 in New York, NY
November 2, 2013 at 8:00 PM

Fan Recaps and Comments:


This show was really good and amazing; also incredible.


This show was kinda good


this was the best show i have ever been to.


"After "When Will You Die," everything went dark. Silence except for an answering machine recording of a woman named Gloria having a very hard time understanding what exactly They Might Be Giants means. The infamous Dial-a-Song message primed the air nicely for the main event. The two Johns, Flans on guitar and Linnell on accordion, returned to the stage, and began "I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die." This meant two things: 1) They wouldn't be slaves the to the tracklisting, and more importantly, 2) Linnell would be playing a lot more accordion! Their backup band returned for "She's an Angel," nicely countrified by some slide guitar from JF. Two minutes into "Hide Away Folk Family," They commanded the crowd to "Scream as if you're in Hell," which was fun, but its best moment occurred when the Johns tried to approximate the rewound vocals at the end of the number. If you were listening closely enough, you would've heard JL sneak in a "Meryl Streep." Read full review here.