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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Couldn't have been a nicer day, the view of the Brooklyn bridge directly behind the stage was incredible. At the end of NYC, Flans gestured broadly to the bridge and pointed out their own view of the Statue of Liberty (in the second set, Chris Difford said that the statue had turned around and bowed down in deference to the musicianship of his partner Glenn Tilbrook. Adorable.)

Curt was there! Marty did some cool new stuff in the intro to Polk and the choruses of NYC. Flans kept taking off his glasses. Crowd was weirdly lame - never been hit on by so many middle aged white moms before, and I work in childcare in Manhattan. 90% of them were there for Squeeze. The band recognized this ("folks, we need stunned silence before we begin this next song," Flans demanded rhetorically.) Thank you, Johns, for opening your set for a sold out crowd of neolib boomers with The Communists Have The Music. Beautiful. -j2