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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This was TMBG's first show since their touring was halted by the COVID-19 pandemic over two years prior. The show included the live debut of "Moonbeam Rays" and "Synopsis For Latecomers" as well as new alternate studio recordings of "They Might Be Giants" and "Hearing Aid." It featured horn arrangements from the Tricerachops Horns: Stan Harrison, Dan Levine and Curt Ramm.

On the way back to his apartment after this show, John Flansburgh's taxi was involved in a collision, causing him injuries and postponing shows that were planned for the rest of the month.[1]


First show in 24+ months means new arrangements! Here are some notes on those.
  • Do they usually do Whistling In The Dark at the Tricerachops shows? My brain is not good enough to recall. Sounds massive with three horns and two guitars, Dan Miller played the upside-down trombone line at the end on the guitar, blended quite nicely
  • Oh Man It's The Darlings Of Lumberland. I didn't see any of its prior appearances live but I have watched the video footage of it about 100 times. They pared down the horns a little (Stan wasn't switching instruments, and no bass clarinet of any sort was on stage) and Dan and Linnell were on keyboard & accordion, which enabled them to sing in blissful three-part harmony in the choruses. Linnell sounded amazing on the accordion breaks in the verses
  • Lucky Ball & Chain with horns!! The horns were replicating the "yoooooo" vocal sampler part and the ridiculous synth saxophones at the very end. Very cool, unexpected! Also horns on Hot Cha, kind of just playing chords in unison with the band. The new horn charts for these two songs make me think the Tricerachops Horns were going to do the whole June run and possibly future Flood shows.
  • Also worth pointing out that the Particle Man arrangement seemed close to the album version? Flans and Dan played in lockstep like the acoustic guitar & accordion rhythm on the record, which they don't usually ever do, Marty was mostly just riding the hi-hat the whole time, horns were doing things in triplicate. The Triangle Man break felt like it was deliberate and written, the whole band played the musical response in the Sun Ra part. Super cool!
  • They played Cyclops Rock like on Mink Car - no ska beat, but more importantly they played the bridge for maybe the first time I have ever been aware of?? Flans screaming out the Cerys Mathews bridge.
  • Oh right, it's worth pointing out that They Might Be Giants and Hearing Aid were not played live, they were the intro songs for sets 1 and 2. TMBG was recorded in a little heavier, less whimsical style, Hearing Aid was kind of breakbeaty. Both really cool, I hope those versions get released some day! Set 2 also started with a video of their Stilloob performance played backwards, which is a very smart move to actually demonstrate what the hell had just happened
  • 2082 with Danny! So many bass chords. Sounds great!
  • Museum Of Idiots with 3 horns, Dan Levine on tiny trombone solo. Istanbul had all 3 horn men soloing at various times, I'm sure they had parts written too. Nice to see the old concert standards get new charts. Authenticity Trip - I've seen it with horns, but I don't think I remember them doing a fun little ensemble bit after each chorus.
  • Synopsis For Latecomers sounds tremendous. Linnell and Flans sing in unison, the whole time through. Horns come in at the end, Dan plays a guitar solo. Very good. Moonbeam Rays was very good too, quite similar to the acoustic-ish performance they put on Youtube, but with electric guitar and full drum kit.
  • Spy with three horns too!! It appeared to me that the Johns had gotten used to doing it with just the band and Curt and were really enjoying having the full horn section for the chaos part. Horns on Road Movie and Theme From Flood too, which might be standard. Birdhouse of course.
  • Love this arrangement of I'll Sink Manhattan. I wish they played this at every show.
I look forward to reading the further comments from further friends~