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(I watched VVedge's livestream of the show, here are some of my notes from it)
Linnell said that he and Flans were asking each other about their favorite movies last night, because they're sick of the "specific technical conversations." Also, Flans said he hasn't seen a movie in 2 1/2 years. But he added that he does like Pixar movies, and his dream is to make a soundtrack for them. He also mentioned "the Munchkins" (he was trying to remember the name of the Minions from Despicable Me).
Linnell did some goofy scatting thing during the bridge of Twisting, as well as noodling on his Kaoss pad. But the highlight was when they randomly played Here Comes Santa Claus in the middle of the song. Like, a sample of just "Here Comes Santa Claus" repeating five times!
We Want A Rock with guitar as the main instrument instead of accordion! Sounded eerily like it could have been off Glean or Phone Power. The johns did an ascending "oooooooohhhh" together before the last verse.
Flans did a little "VH1" storytelling segment about what the Flood recording sessions were like. Linnell needed to channel his "banjo mania," so Alan Winstanley encouraged him to use it on the album. They tried using it on We Want A Rock, but Clive Langer insisted on cutting it from the recording. "He loved our music, he just hated us," Flans said of Clive Langer. Alan compromised by making the banjo very quiet. There's still banjo in the final mix but it isn't immediately apparent.
Linnell yelled "they're my sister! they're my daughter!" of the horn players. Flans said that Linnell was scaring him and also the people who had waited two and a half years to see them
Flans said that the sun contains a nuclear reaction between "Marty Beller, Danny Weinkauf, Dan Miller, and Marty Beller again." Classic.
This was the most insane Spy I've ever heard. Linnell went into some sort of role-play dialogue about ice skating. He said "I lost my glove. I lost my other glove. I broke my tooth. I don't like ice skating anymore." That man's mind....I love it.