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song name Super Cool
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Super Cool (Single), Part Of You Wants To Believe Me (Single), BOOK
year 2021
run time 2:11
sung by John Flansburgh, John Linnell harmonizes during chorus


  • The song was first publicly released on the They Might Be Giants App on September 19, 2021, two days ahead of its September 21 streaming debut.
  • The lyrics of this song were shown in a photo of a page from BOOK posted to Twitter on September 11, 2021.
  • John Flansburgh discussed the song at length in a 2021 interview:[1]
Super Cool is kind of a sentimental song. It's really about falling in love, and then going back to the place that you fell in love. I guess more specifically - one of the things that happens to people is that when they're falling in love, they find themselves doing things that they normally would never do, except in the circumstance of falling in love. And how much those unique experiences fold into one another. I'm just sort of experimenting with a couple of different, very disparate musical styles. There's this kind of one-chord thing in the breaks, that, in a way, is a hat tip to a Beatle-esque version of exotica. It's not based on any scale or any musical impulse that's authentic. [...]
The actual meat of the song is this kind of vague Latin thing. Maybe it's not so vague. It does the kind of minor/major thing that a lot of Latin songs do very successfully. So I think I was taking a bit of that approach, and pulling it into our universe. That's pretty unusual terrain for us, but it came out really nice. The band sounds really great on it.

Song Themes

Dancing, Forgetting And Remembering, Sea, Size


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