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No discussion for a song that's 15 years old, huh? Well, it is instrumental, and so provides no lyrics to interpret. As for the music though, I think this song definitely shows Linnell's gift to write beautifully simple and catchy melodies. I love the way this one climbs the scales, backtracking every phrase so the anticipation of getting to the top grows more and more, only to finally have it arrive then tumble all the way back down. Speaking of the scale, I was surprised to see that this song was not categorized in the wiki with the key it's written in, so I had another listen. It's the key of G, but interestingly is not in the major, nor minor, mode. It actually uses the Mixolydian scale, which basically sounds like the major scale but has flat 7s (in this case, not sharp but natural Fs). The song modulates from Gmix to Bmix to Emix and back again. --Mbarlowm (talk) 14:54, 8 August 2014 (EDT)