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Actually, Mono Puff only consists of one member, John Flansburgh, but he was JOINED by others who were NOT actual members of the band.

Actually, Flansburgh has stated that Mono Puff is a collaboration between himself and bassist Hal Cragin. Those two founded the band, but I would still call the others band members. -TDK 07:58, 17 Jan 2006 (EST)

hand claps[edit]

The hand-clap credits have to be jokes or samples, right? Can we be expected to believe Trini Lopez and Jo Anne Worley popped into the studio as a favor to Flans? I don't think they're really "guest appearances". --Nehushtan (talk) 13:29, 4 September 2020 (EDT)

Definitely a gag, good spot. -CapitalQtalk ♪ 14:09, 4 September 2020 (EDT)

Mono puff EP[edit]

Wasn’t there supposed to be some kind of new release from mono puff along with Roman songs? Was that canceled? SorryForHittingYourEye (talk) 06:58, 17 January 2022 (EST)

Yes there was and no it's not cancelled, there have just been some vague comments from Flans in a few interviews about not getting the chance to get it together yet. Make of that what you will. --Self Called Nowhere (talk) 16:30, 17 January 2022 (EST)


Major thanks to BatWho for fleshing out the page. I learned a whole lot about Mono Puff thanks to this new, informative revision.

FloridaFlamingoGirl (talk) 11:30, 2 November 2022 (PST)