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The original text read "The guitar riff rips off "Pleasant Valley Sunday," by the Monkees." After listening to the two songs, it's clear that TMBG didn't steal from the Monkees song. In fact, the beginning of My Evil Twin sounds closer to the Monkee track than this one!
Knowing that the Johns are fans of the Monkees, one could assume that this riff is in fact a tribute to the 4-some. --TheBlunderbuss

Yes, but will ANYONE ever agree on the "I Remember Larry" thing? A lot of people say that "Larry" was a Monkee spoof (I don't hear it), but the fact that it's on the same album as another TMBG parody and it's musically very, very similar, I tend to think that Al was giving TMBG a twofer on 'Bad Hair Day'... --AlmostJinkiesNoMore

Yeah, how is that song in homage or whatever to "I Remember Larry?" Hmm... it's on the regular Wikipedia too-- under Weird Al's "Bad Hair Day" album. Hmm... interesting... Anyone have backup on this? --Lemita 07:41, 6 Jul 2006 (MDT)

I'm the one who mentioned the song on that Wikipedia article, and I only did that because I read it here (you'll note it only links back to this page). I wrote that before I'd actually heard Constellation, and now I have... I'm not convinced. There are more differences than similarities, if you ask me. -Anon

Stumpbox Connection[edit]

well, that song appears on stumpbox. is that a cover that tmbg did?

Dream is the cover song, Constellation is tagged along because it's part of the medley. -CapitalQtalk ♪ 21:57, 7 August 2006 (UTC)


Is that sample really a countoff? It sounds nothing like the word "four"... in fact, it sounds like it has a long i sound in it... maybe the word "mic" or something similar. Is there a recording of the original countoff somewhere, for comparison? Akagi 00:30, 8 March 2008 (UTC) -I also wonder, and it could be "one, one, one" instead of four.

I thought I read somewhere that this song has "left" and "right" being said at the same time (piped into left and right channels?) and then bouncing back and forth during the intro and the chorus/interludes.