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Mr Tuck's thoughts[edit]

The interesting premise cannot disguise a song that owes as much to its production as it does to its musical invention. Another song that could have been dropped for something better from the Giants unreleased song treasure trove. One wonders if the determination for the Johns to have an equal split of tracks is undermining their albums, as Flans fails to match Linnell at all on this album, and if duds like this had been put aside for Linnell contributions, the overall strength of the Spine would have been far stronger. Pun intended. (Mr Tuck) 07:35, July 10, 2004

You ejaculate all over Linnell's songs, and you dismiss practically every Flans song on The Spine. Flans' songs at least give it a new sound, it's same-old-same-old from Linnell. - Zack, 18:58, July 11, 2004
I agree that I think Linnell does the stronger work on this album. I agree that Experimental Film and Thunderbird are a little same oldy. However, Wearing A Raincoat, Broke in Two, Au Contraire, Museum of Idiots, Spines are, in my opinion incredibly innovative, and are the tracks of the album. Saying that I still enjoy Flans contributions, I just wish he was more biting like on Memo to Human Resources, on more of the tracks. This is where he rivals Linnell, and tracks such as that and like his best songs: Puppet Head, Folk Family, Lie Still Little bottle, Cage and Aquarium, Your Racist Friend, My Evil Twin, Night Security (mono puff)ect. ect. prove what a talent he is. On songs like the Guitar (their worst song) Drink, and Prevenge I just don't get it. I just wish he'd put the Long Grift, or a remade version of Words are like or Kings of the Cave on the new album. Flans is a hero of mine, but he is Macca, to Linnell's Lennon. This still makes him a genuis in my eyes. (Mr Tuck) 08:01, July 12, 2004
Have actually changed my mind about this. I really like it now! Kind of poignant. Sorry Flans! (Mr Tuck) 11:10, July 13, 2004

Todd Rundgren[edit]

This song is similar in content to Todd Rundgren's song "Future" off his latest album "Liars." However, Todd's song is longer, more musically interesting and concludes that it is better to live NOW instead of waiting for a future that may never come. I like "The Future" better than "The World Before Later On." Unfortunately, the lyrics are pretty awkward in both of the songs. The first time I heard "The World..." I was wondering when it was going to get started, and why I didn't like the title. Now I see it is more of a mood song, to hum to yourself while trudging down a dark, barren street. --An orangutan, 12:54, July 17, 2004

Mournful little tune[edit]

A mournful little tune about how the future ain't what it used to be; it sounds like it could be a Randy Newman tune, with lyrics by Jonathan Richman. Flansburgh delivers a stunning, beautifully understated vocal performance, well-suited to the childlike simplicity of his poignant musings. Speaking of which, although he gets his point across very well in just 2 short verses, I almost wish he had taken the lyrical idea even further - what else have we been promised by the year 2000 that we still don't have? -- GR, 01:31, September 5, 2004

Museum Of Idiots[edit]

I always feel as though this and Museum Of Idiots are intros and outros to each other. Hopefully that kinda makes sense to some of you guys. --ZippZapp 19:27, 26 April 2008 (UTC)

good song[edit]

a good song, this is --DoubleDenial (talk) 17:10, 2 February 2020 (EST)