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I thought it was just a throwaway song to fill up the kids' album, but now it's stuck in my head forever. HOW CAN THIS POSSIBLY BE

Duh! One feels silly explaining a song that's so obviously about zeroes and the its role in maths. Interestingly this song beats all his contributions on the Else. A brilliant and beautiful little song, Flans concentrates on the melody and the beautiful hook. Zeroes mean so much when they are done as well as this. Flans' performance on the kids albums rivals and probably beats Linnell. Odd when he so under performs on recent adult efforts. The reason is that I think Flans approaches writing the kid and adult songs in a different way. The kid tracks tend to be far more organic and generally rely much less on studio jiggery pokery. Haven't got my copy of the 123s yet so I will reserve judgement but this track is my fave Flans song since the beautiful C if for Conifers. File under essential. (Mr Tuck)