This American Life

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This American Life is a public radio show based at WBEZ in Chicago and distributed by Public Radio International.

Dial-A-Song was featured in the episode Telephone (originally aired Jan. 16, 1998), and TMBG performed live in the episode What You Lookin' At? (Dec. 18, 1998). John Flansburgh also appeared on the episodes Fine Print (July 24, 2009) and Fine Print 2011 (Apr. 15, 2011) to discuss the band Van Halen's infamous contract rider.

Ira Glass, host of the show, spoke of his fandom in Gigantic (A Tale Of Two Johns). Also notable is leading contributor Sarah Vowell, who is an avid fan of They Might Be Giants, and for whom TMBG wrote a song based on the title of the show, "I'm Sick (Of This American Life)".

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