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Evening all.

I'm a screenwriter and singer/songwriter by trade, and a huge TMBG fan. I'm actually almost exclusively into the music of the 1960s and 70s, and don't really like much after 1974... so I think it's quite something that TMBG had grasped my attention enough that I have all their albums and have attended their shows a number of times.

I love the way They combine interesting arrangements with catchy melody and those unique, distinctive paranoia/surrealist/Cold War/nightmare-reality lyrics of theirs... though some of my favourite of their songs are also their sweet ones, like Birdhouse and Where Do They Make Balloons.

My favourite TMBG album - a straight fight between Apollo 18 and Mink Car, though some of my very favourite of their songs (and sadly, least favourite too) are on The Spine.

I used to write bland late-60s lyrics about clouds and trees and fields till TMBG taught me that you could write about floating heads, disfigurement and road accidents without sacrificing the pretty tune or psychedelic arrangement. Thank You, The Johns!