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I am a TMBG fan like (presumably) every one else here. My favorite album is probably Nanobots, and my favorite song is probably either Stuff is Way or The Darlings of Lumberland. I love this band because they stand out from everyone else. They are unique, creative, and have great ideas, and they aren't afraid to show it!

I am a seasoned piano player, and an amateur bass guitar player. When I say amateur, it means I'm entirely self-taught, and make a mistake here and there. So if you see I made a bass tab that is completely messed up, let me know. I'll try to figure it out. Or you can correct it. Either way is perfectly okay. I want to contribute only my very best. :)

But I've been super busy lately, so I apologize for not writing any new tabs! I would love to get some more made, and I hope I get the time to do so!

--A Red Galaxy: Better known as A Red Galaxy, and usually referred to as A Red Galaxy. Unless a typo is made. In which case it could be virtually anything. 09:16, 26 July 2012 (EDT)