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Joe Kenderes[edit]

On August 14th, 2008, Joe Kenderes was crowned the best TMBG disk jockey this side of the Mercator after a spectacular 18 hour TMBG marathon. Bravo!

Lucretius's Collection
(She Was A) Hotel Detective (EP)2001 Radio Sampler No. 1A User's Guide To They Might Be Giants: Melody, Fidelity, QuantityAlmanacApollo 18Apollo 18Back To SkullBest Of The Early YearsDial-A-Song: 20 Years Of They Might Be GiantsDirect From BrooklynDoctor Worm (Single)Don't Let's Start (EP)Don't Let's Start (EP)Don't Let's Start (EP)FloodFloodGigantic (A Tale Of Two Johns)Hello The Band (EP)Here Come The 123sHere Come The ABCsHere Come The ABCsI Palindrome I (EP)I Palindrome I (EP)Indestructible ObjectIstanbul (Not Constantinople) (EP)John Flansburgh's Mono PuffJohn HenryLincolnLincolnLiveLong Tall WeekendMink CarMiscellaneous TMiscellaneous TMontana (Single)No!Prevenge (Promo)S-E-X-X-Y (EP)S-E-X-X-Y (EP)Selections From The 2-CD Retrospective Then: The Earlier YearsSevere Tire DamageState SongsT-Shirt (Single)The Devil Went Down To Newport (EP)The ElseThe Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) (EP)The SpineThe Spine Surfs Alone (EP)The Statue Got Me High (EP)Then: The Earlier YearsThey Got LostThey Might Be Giants (Album)They Might Be Giants (Album)They Might Be Giants (Album)They Might Be Giants In HolidaylandThey Might Be Giants Vs. McSweeney'sThey'll Need A Crane (EP)They'll Need A Crane (EP)They'll Need A Crane (EP)UnsupervisedVenue SongsWhy Does The Sun Shine? (EP)Working Undercover For The Man (EP)
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