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Hi, I'm Rich. I'm one of the many, albeit slightly more lackadaisical, administrators of the Wiki. I found fame here adding a large chunk of information about the rarer pieces of TMBG back-catalogue and cataloguing the boring bits. You might see me wandering in, giving something a prod and wandering back out once in a while, but mostly hanging around the internet in general.

Back when I first started listening to They, 5 seemed a exceedingly young age to start - then again, I did have a weird musical childhood involving being into the Pixies at age 6 - but since the ABCs and 123s, that seems less of a surprise! :P

I've mostly kept on top of their work, skipping only over the Mink Car era (all the confusion regarding the Euro release kept me away, sadly), but returning by The Spine.

I'm currently living in Bristol, UK. You occasionally see me at JoCo and TMBG gigs. Maybe one day, we'll meet. :)

Messages To MooseBlaster[edit]

Do you have a copy of the malcolm in the middle promo cd, that you created the page for? I've heard a couple of the songs from it, but not the whole thing -- duke33
I don't have a copy, no, I took the information from a 'slightly' pricey copy in a shop. If I see one in the loop again, I shall let you know. -- MooseBlaster
Brilliant work on the release details! I had long considered that one of the areas TMBW was lacking. -- Ed
Thanks Ed, I'll try and complete my work sometime soon! :) - MooseBlaster