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i'm Ky, i transcribe TMBG songs for fun because i'm a pretentious music student wishing to show off. No other reasons. Sorry in advance for how much you will see me in Recent Changes. Find me at East Coast Shows :-)

Sapphirebullets's Collection
Apollo 18BOOKFloodFloodHere Come The 123sHere Come The ABCsHere Comes ScienceJohn Henry DemosLincolnMink CarNanobotsSevere Tire DamageThey Might Be Giants (Album)

My ever-growing, terrifying number of TABs and other TMBG transcriptions I have made are below.

TABs I've Made - 79[edit]

100 Cars For Good
120 Minutes Song
200 Sbemails
3 Chords, 2 Teeth, One Eye
Alarm Clock Catastrophe
All Night Blowout
Art Mover
A To Z (Type B)
At The Village Gate
Best Of Spin The Dial
Bond Millionaire
Born To Run And Fail
Bright Idea
Buckle Down, Winsocki
Burning Coffee
Butcher's Tale
California As An Island
Canta Y No Llores
Choo Choo Express
Christmas Cards
Concrete And Clay
Christmas In The Big House
Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes
Crabbe's Carnival
Daily Beans Theme
Dance Party
Democracy And Things Like That
Devil Spawn
Dewey Rag
Disappointing Show
D Is For Drums
Doh-Doh Island
Don't Cry
Don't I Have The Right (Dial-A-Song)
Don't Know Why It Takes That Long
Early Fishin'
E Eats Everything
Empty Bottle Collector
Flo Wheeler
Goodnight My Friends
Greek #3
Half A Boy
Hearing Aid (Alt Version)
Hello Radio
High Five!
Hovering Sombrero 05
I Am A Grocery Bag
I Lost Thursday Bass TAB
Kiss Me, Sun of God
Lady Is A Tramp
Lazy Guitar and Bass TAB
Letter/Not A Letter
Outboard Part Of Man
Robot Parade (Adult Version)
Rolling O
Snail Dust
Something You'd Like To See
Spoiler Alert Bass TAB
Ten Mississippi
The Secret Life Of Six
To The Bubblecraft!
When Will You Die Bass TAB

My Transcriptions (Outside of the Wiki)[edit]

Everything Right Is Wrong Again Harpsichord Solo
Alphabet Of Nation Piano
The Famous Polka Accordion
Let Me Tell You About My Operation Horn Soli