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SHO This user is still hoping for an recently announced extensive international tour.
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Bass 45.gif This user plays bass.

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J This user can't decide who's his favourite John.
FAV This user's favorite TMBG song is Metal Detector (TMBG Mini-Brass).

RC This user checks every single change made on the wiki.
Lincoln.png This user's favorite album is Lincoln.

JohnHenry.png This user's favorite album is John Henry.

The Else CD.png This user's favorite album is The Else.

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I live in Vienna, Austria. I gave up all my hope that They may play here again soon a long time ago.
When I found my great-grandfather's accordion I was immediately obsessed. I play all day. Sometimes I play all night. Additionally, I play the bass. And try to master every instrument I stumble upon.

Well if you want to do it again, that's fine.

I'm watching over the wiki since summer 2005, and lost my anonymosity in February 2006. I've happily recieved ThisMightBeABot's greeting on my talk page. I like transcribing podcasts and recently renovated all of the Venue Songs pages.
I'm the very proud owner of a Frank O'Toole Show copy.

2-27-2008 NEWS

Seriously. That's all.

5-12-2007 NEWS
The TED Conference spawned an interesting project about life everybody should check out. It comes from somewhere inside the NASA.

12-13-2006 NEWS
I don't know if this is important enough for the official news page, but TV on the Radio recorded a nifty cover of Dead for a Napster live thing a week ago. Unfortunately, I don't want to pay three dollars to hear all of it.

Come on! Dance!

I'm on AIM and Flickr now: TheWorldScreams