Working Undercover For The Man (EP)

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Working Undercover For The Man ep cover
Working Undercover For The Man
EP by They Might Be Giants
First released May 16, 2000
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Tracks 9
Label eMusic Length 12:26
Back cover artwork for the physical CD

Working Undercover for the Man is an EP released in 2000 through eMusic.


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The artwork for Working Undercover for the Man was illustrated by John Flansburgh. Like many of their contemporary releases, the EP was initially issued exclusively through eMusic. 10,000 copies of the CD were pressed, and the majority were shipped out free of charge as a bonus to US customers who had purchased the MP3s. The CD was also available on Since other online music stores have become more prominent, MP3 copies have also become available through services like iTunes.

A press release on in early 2000 mentioned a song called "It's Not a Game" that was originally slated to be on the EP, possibly instead of "On The Drag". The song is not known to have ever been released, at least by that name.

Scheduled for a May 16th release, this downloadable album will include all new songs; "Working Undercover for the Man", "Empty Bottle Collector", "Human Head", "It's Not a Game", "Rest Awhile" and a version of the "Radio They Might Be Giants" theme, made famous at the Radio They Might Be Giants site, which coincidentally will be updated with select live songs from one of our best live Fall shows, by Friday, May 5th.

The EP was released prior to Mink Car, which included the title track, "Working Undercover For The Man".

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Rest Awhile 1:40 
2 Working Undercover For The Man 2:19 
3 I Am A Human Head 2:51 
4 Empty Bottle Collector 1:38 
5 On The Drag 2:18 
6 Radio They Might Be Giants 1 0:09 
7 Radio They Might Be Giants 2 0:16 
8 Radio They Might Be Giants 3 0:12 
9 Robot Parade (Adult Version) 1:05 


  • On eMusic, the title of "Rest Awhile" was mistakenly listed as "Rest A While".
  • The CD version lists only seven tracks, with "Radio They Might Be Giants" condensed into a single song. Both it and "Robot Parade (Adult Version)" are listed as "Bonus Tracks".