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The iTunes Store is an online digital media store, integrated with Apple Inc.'s music management software program, iTunes. With the iTunes Store, you can legally purchase and download almost any song for 99¢, and any album for around $9.99 (more for bigger albums). To download the software free of charge for Mac or Windows, go to

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These items were once available on iTunes, but have since been removed.

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  • Fresh Air (Broadcast Date: November 26, 2003)
"They Might Be Giants band member John Linnell and John Flansburgh on this edition of Fresh Air. The wacky musical duo has just published a children's book (with companion CD) entitled Bed, Bed, Bed. Linnell and Flansburgh have known each other since childhood, and they started They Might Be Giants in Brooklyn, New York, where they still have a phone machine called Dial-A-Song. You can call up every day and hear a new original tune. TMBG has released numerous albums, including Bar None, Factory Showroom,, and a children's record entitled No! Their best-of CD is entitled Dial-a-Song: 20 Years of They Might Be Giants. The band is currently on tour."