E Eats Everything

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Music video for "E Eats Everything"
Cold can of Flansy soda, originally shown in the Mink Car liner notes.
Pac-Man ghost e

song name E Eats Everything
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Here Come The ABCs, TMBG Clock Radio, CD/DVD Sampler
year 2005
first played March 24, 2005 (33 known performances)
run time 2:43
sung by John Flansburgh


  • The video for this song contains a soda can with the word "Flansy" written on it, the very same one that was originally pictured in the Mink Car liner notes.
  • The line "K drinks only soda" breaks the rhyme scheme apparent in the rest of the song, seemingly because the band either chose not to use the 'Coke' brand name, which would have rhymed with "all 'I' tastes is smoke", or decided to fake out the listener a bit.
  • The GAP parody ad for t, s, r, and q in the video reads:
stay readable
in new tight fit styles

available in bright
new spring colors
  • Thomas Romer of The Chopping Block, Inc. animated the video.
  • In live shows John Flansburgh has sung "E eats everything, like children."
  • On an interview for the DirecTV concert that was aired in May 2005, Flans tells of a story of a letter they received from an outraged mother who was upset over the lyric "L, M, N, and P won't start until O arrives" due to it being intentionally non-sequential. She asked the band to change the lyrics to be correct, which of course the band ignored.
  • The music video parodies Pac-Man in the scene where z chases the four e's to eat them.

Song Themes

Children, Clothes, Drinking, Everything, Food, Letters Of The Alphabet, Recursion, Self-Reference, Space, Songs With Handclaps, Tableware, Transportation, Upside Down


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