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The Chopping Block was a graphic design company founded in 1996 by Matthew Richmond, Thomas Romer, Rob Reed and Mike Essl. They did the print work for Mink Car, No!, Holidayland and a few various singles and limited pre-release jackets and the web/online work for the official TMBG site (1996–2006), TMBG Clock Radio, (from March 2000 to August 2006),,, and much more. TMBG also have written 5 different versions of a Chopping Block jingle, and 2 jingles for their new company, the Chop Shop, named "I Got My T-Shirt Back" and "Prisoners Of Graphic Design". Two promotions by TMBG, "Oranges" and "Oranges Testimonial" immortalize the bond between oranges and graphic design. All the tracks mentioned are available on Songs For Chop EP which can be found on the Chop Shop website.

The Chopping Block also animated and illustrated all the videos for No!. They also did "E Eats Everything" and "Z Y X" on the DVD Here Come the ABCs and designed the T-shirt shirt, the Mink Car shirt, and the Lincoln Head shirt.

The company eventually closed in 2013 in favor of Romer's new graphic design company, the Chop Shop Store. They have sold two limited-edition TMBG Party Posters, both of which featured an accordion and a grill. Both posters also featured the line "Ready to serve your corporate whateveryoucallit" from "Chopping Block Testimonial", and the second poster featured the four president heads from's previous Chopping Block Flash design. Both can be found here.

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