E Eats Everything (Podcast Episode)

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They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast
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Host: The Puppet Johns
Date published: May 23th, 2008
Show length: 6:58


"They Might Be Giants video podcast of songs about letters, numbers and everything else."


Flansburgh: Friday night videos.
[Linnell mouth syncs to synth beeps]
Flansburgh: Friday night videos.
[Linnell mouth syncs to synth beeps]
Linnell: Hey John.
Flansburgh: Hey John.
Both: How's it goin?
Linnell: Good. It's going good.
Flansburgh: Good.
Linnell: Um. You know we we we actually uh got a letter from one of our podcast viewers.
Flansburgh: Really?
Linnell: Uh yeah. I've got it right—
Flansburgh: That's so cool.
Linnell: I've got it right here. Um, you want me to read it?
Flansburgh: Please!
Linnell: It's from, ah let's see—it says. It's from Brian Speiser. He's five years old and he asks you, uh, "Dear John, I don't like any kinds of foods. What kinds of foods don't you like?"
Flansburgh: Huh. You know, I think I actually like every kind of food. I—I like licorice. I like anchovies. I like jalapeño peppers.
Linnell: Really!?
Flansburgh: Mmm.
Linnell: So you're s...
Flansburgh: Jalapeño peppers.
Linnell: So you—You don't—There's no food you don't like.
Flansburgh: No.
Linnell: You—You're saying you eat everything?
Flansburgh: I—I think I actually like everything.
Linnell: That's crazy. Nobody eats everything.
Flansburgh: Uhh! Hey! Actually, you know John, there's a song about it. There's a song about it. It's called "E Eats Everything."
Linnell: Really?
Flansburgh: Yeah. Friday Night Videos
[Linnell mouth syncs to synth beeps]
Flansburgh: Friday night videos.
[Linnell mouth syncs to synth beeps]
Flansburgh: And here comes that song!
[Linnell mouth syncs to synth beeps]
Flansburgh: Yeah!

Broom: Here's a song about people who live in the city; it's called "Apartment Four."

Flansburgh: Now we have to go
Linnell: Here we go
Flansburgh: Watch us go
Linnell: What if I don't want to go?
Flansburgh: But you do
Linnell: Maybe so
Both: But we're coming back next week
Linnell: I can't wait until next week
Both: Now it's time for us to say so long!
[Mouth trumpeting]
Flansburgh: Goodbye!
Linnell: Beeeyooouu...