Ooh La! Ooh La! (Podcast Episode)

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They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast
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Host: The Puppet Johns
Date published: April 4, 2008
Show length: 5:46


"They Might Be Giants video podcast of songs about letters, numbers and everything else."


  • Starting time [0:00] - Puppet Johns:

Flansburgh: All right! It's the Friday Night Video Podcast with They Might Be Giants!
Linnell: Woo!
Flansburgh: We're at Club Whatnot with DJ Snookums.
Linnell: Yeah!
Flansburgh: This place is off the hook! I can't believe it!
Linnell: Ahh!
Flansburgh: WHAAAAAAA!
Linnell: AHHHHHH!

Flansburgh: DJ Snookums, woo, woo, woo, woo!
Linnell: Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!
Flansburgh: All right, hey, the first video we've got here tonight is called Ooh La! Ooh La! Spin it!

Flansburgh: Woo! [repeats throughout]
Linnell: Club Whatnot! Club Whatnot! Club Whatnot! Yeah! Yeah! DJ Snookums! Yeaaaaaaah! We're back at Club Whatnot. We're checking out DJ Snookums, and we're gonna check out Pictures of Pandas Painting from Here Come The ABCs!
Flansburgh: Woo!

Flansburgh: Woo! All right!
Linnell: All right!
Flansburgh: We got so many people we want to thank!
Linnell: What?
Flansburgh: We want to thank, uh, DJ Snookums!
Linnell: I can't hear you, John, it's really loud in here!

  • [5:25] - Trailer

Flansburgh: We want to thank people at Club Whatnot for letting us have the Friday Night Video right here! It's been great!
Linnell: Yeah! It's really great, I love this— what?
Flansburgh: Woo! Woo! Friday night!
Linnell: What?
Flansburgh: What?
Linnell: Oh! What?
Flansburgh: I can't hear you!
Linnell: Right! Right!
Flansburgh: Woo!
Linnell: Woo!