Zeroes (Podcast Episode)

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They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast
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Host: The Puppet Johns
Date published: May 16th, 2008
Show length: 3:45


"They Might Be Giants video podcast of songs about letters, numbers and everything else."


Screenshot from "Zeroes."

Flansburgh: Hi everybody. It's May 16th.
Linnell: And that means it's time for...
Flansburgh: They Might Be Giants' Video Podcast...
Linnell: For kids.
Flansburgh: For families.
Both: For you!
[Flansburgh "bonks" the mic]
Linnell: Hey um Flans.
Flansburgh: Yeah?
Linnell: What's uh. What's this microphone doing here?
Flansburgh: I'm making an audio podcast.
Linnell: An audio podcast?
Flansburgh: Yes. Hello. Test. Bonk bonk bonk.
Linnell: So explain that to me.
Flansburgh: Well, the great thing about audio podcasts is you can say whatever you like.
Linnell: Cool.
Flansburgh: Do you want to read some announcements for the podcast?
Linnell: Yeah! Sure!
Flansburgh: Ok. Just say "Our next song is called Zeroes."
Linnell: Ok.
Both: Here we go.
[Linnell blathers]
Flansburgh: Hey John. John, stick to the script.
Linnell: You said with an audio podcast, that I could say whatever I like.
Flansburgh: Ugh.
Linnell: Boop!
Flansburgh: Ok here's a song from our new DVD, it's called "Zeroes."

Both: May Day. May Day. We're gonna tell some jokes. May Day. May Day. We're gonna tell some jokes. Sometimes, they aren't funny, but other times, they're funny. May Day. May Day. It's time to tell some jokes.

  • [2:23] - Broom puppet, voiced by Flansburgh

Broom: Hey. What do you call a deer with no eyes? "I have no eye-deer."

  • [2:36] - Broom and Linnell

Broom: Knock knock.
Linnell: Hello uh oh uh.
Broom: Knock knock.
Linnell: Who's there?
Broom: The broom.
Linnell: Oh. The broom who?
Broom: That's it. This is no joke. I'm the broom!

  • [2:47] - May Day - Puppet Johns, en collage:

Both: And that is all the jokes

Flansburgh: Now we have to go
Linnell: Here we go
Flansburgh: Watch us go
Linnell: What if I don't want to go?
Flansburgh: But you do
Linnell: Maybe so
Both: But we're coming back next week
Linnell: I can't wait until next week
Both: Now it's time for us to say so long!
[Mouth trumpeting]
Flansburgh: Goodbye!
Linnell: Beeeyooouu...