Fake-Believe (Podcast Episode)

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They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast
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Host: The Puppet Johns
Date published: March 28, 2008
Show length: 5:53


"They Might Be Giants video podcast of songs about letters, numbers and everything else."


  • Starting time [0:00] - Puppet Johns:

Linnell: Hi, welcome. I'm Barney, the big purple dinosaur.
Flansburgh: And I'm Elmo, I'm red and I'm about three years old. How old are you, Barney?
Linnell: I think I'm about a hundred million years old or something—
Flansburgh: Because you're a dinosaur.
Linnell: I am a dinosaur. I'm carnivorous.
Flansburgh: Hey, we wanna tell everybody it's our special April Fool's edition of They Might Be Giants Friday Night Video Podcast.
Linnell: April Fools!
Flansburgh: Fooled you! Hey, we've got a bunch of special videos today for you. This song is the first song; it's called Fake-Believe.
Linnell: No it's not.

Flansburgh: All right.
Linnell: Here comes another song.
Flansburgh: It's a different song.
Linnell: But it's the same song.
Flansburgh: That's right!
Linnell: Ahhh!
Flansburgh: Fooled you!
Linnell: Ahhh!
Flansburgh: It's called Fake-Believe.

Flansburgh: [beatboxing throughout]
Linnell: Well, folks, that's all we've got time for, but I just want to leave you with these words. Remember this: the capital of Wyoming is Egg Salad Sandwich. It's been a beautiful, beautiful podcast—
Flansburgh: April Fools, April Fools!
Linnell: Come back next week, yeah!
Flansburgh: Come back next week!
Linnell: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Flansburgh: Fooled you!
Linnell: Ahhh!
Flansburgh: April Fools, yeah!
Flansburgh: [resumes beatboxing]
Linnell: Yeah!
Flansburgh: April Fools!
Linnell: Yeah! Yeah!

  • [5:31] - Trailer

Flansburgh: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah!
Linnell: Yeah!
Flansburgh: Yeah!
Linnell: Yeah! Egg Salad Sandwich!
Flansburgh: Capital of Wyoming is, April Fools!
Linnell: Yeah! Yeah, yeah! Wooooo! [continues vocalizing throughout]
Flansburgh: ...special! Ninety-nine cents for the egg salad special.